Hi! :wave:

I’m a “systems guy”, with a passion for optimization and making everyone’s life easier (and better!). I’m currently residing in the Porto region, Portugal with my lovely wife and our one two children.

You can find me on Twitter, GitHub, Dribbble, and on Instagram.

I don’t really have a role or title that defines my professional career. My interests are broad, allowing me to deepen my knowledge in specific areas, when needed. I’m a fast learner and adapt easily, so I enjoy learning new things and experimenting with ways to improve whatever it is I’m working with. As long as it involves technology (in any capacity) I have probably dabbled in it. Working on products real people use is my passion, and working with like-minded people is my fuel.

Born and raised in Portugal, moved to the US in 2007. After many years, a wedding, and two births, we moved back to Portugal late in 2019… but in time to be here by the time the COVID-19 pandemic dropped upon us.

I’m an active member of a local church, where I serve through teaching, leading volunteer teams in the music and tech ministries, and as part of a board that advises the leadership.

In my spare time, you can usually find me experimenting with hardware and software in my homelab, working on a video project, or playing the occasional video game with friends.

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