Delight People

It took me many years, many failed experiences, many frustrations, many wrong decisions and, most importantly, a lot of wasted time, to figure out my most fundamental, my core desire: delight people.

This is not the attention-grabbing, praise-seeking, congratulatory type of delight. I’m perfectly fine being behind the scenes, for the most part. This desire is all about producing something that evokes delight in whoever sees it, hears it, uses it. It can be a video, a song, a text, whatever. It’s not about being good at a job and getting complimented for it, which is something fine and pleasant. But what motivates me, what I feel rewards me most, is the feeling of someone experiencing delight when they come in contact with something I created, produced.

This realization explains a lot about myself too. I’m opinionated, perfectionist, hate the whole concept of MVP (i.e. it rarely delights anyone) almost as much as I hate poor quality or lack of attention to detail, etc… It also explains why I became involved in technology and product development, why I learned to program and design, or got into music and music production; why I love photography/cinematography and video production. It’s not about a stage, a performance, applause. It’s about producing something, anything that delights.

What I’m going to do with this new found realization is not yet clear to me. I want to continue pursuing any avenues that allow me to pursue this. I also hope that, in the process of doing so, I manage to find ways to support my existence on Earth, which includes my family.

I also know that there’s more to this. Other thoughts, other realizations, related to this one, with potentially even bigger impact on life decisions. But this is the core of my existence: delight people.

Expect more articles on this going forward. I plan to write about what I find, what I do, what I pursue. Part therapy, part encouragement to anyone who may feel the same way. Creating delight is a step in making the piece of the world you have been entrusted with a little bit better. A smile, a laugh, or good ol’ plain contentment. Do it.

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