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The other day I spent some time reminiscing on some of the games I have spent the most time playing. It seems these days I am more driven by the thought of seeing myself as a gamer than actually playing the games. Looking back, my interest in games was thwarted by my interest in computers: the time playing games became time learning about Linux, programming, the Internet, etc.

I still buy a lot of games today. Heck, I buy games now that I don’t play. Maybe, in a way, I feel compelled to pay back for all the games I played back when “buying” wasn’t even an option. Regardless, I started playing less right about when I started buying more. The drive became getting better machines, better graphics cards, maxed out settings, perfect graphics, etc… Before, it was playing a compelling game. For the most part, I always played games with friends. At first it was because I didn’t have a computer myself, so I’d stop by their house to 1) fix their computers and 2) play some games. So, in a way, I’ve always enjoyed multi-player more than single-player… :)

As for why I don’t play as much, that’s arguable: priorities, availability, etc. I guess I’m simply not a gamer, no matter how much I think I am… was…

Here’s a list of the games I remember spending the most time playing and having the most fun with:

Jones In The Fast Lane

Jones in the Fast Lane.png

Street Rod

Street Rod 1.png


SimCity Classic.png


Sim Tower.png

Elifoot II


And more “recently”…

Tomb Raider II


Championship Manager 2 96/97 - Italian League


Considering how much money I spend on games, I kinda want to play more and feel like I once did… I guess for that to happen, another thing else needs to happen first: I need to focus on less interests and less hobbies… but that’s subject for another post. :)

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