Business Cards

Looking for business cards? Instead of spending $$$ money on that design worthy of the best online “inspiration galleries”, how about simply making sure they:

  1. Are of good quality (both paper and print, e.g. Moo);
  2. Have only the absolute relevant info in them (do you really need your fax number in there?);
  3. What your brand/product stands for matters to who you give the card to.

Fancy designs are expensive and 90% of the time mean absolutely nothing to the folks you hand your cards to. How does having your business card on display in an inspiration website add anything to the actual value of your company and/or brand? I can think of a few exceptions, like design/marketing companies, but the truth is those brands are using that medium less and less.

Before (over)budgeting identity design simply because it’s “cool” and “our competitors did it”, consider how not doing something just because might actually be the disruptive choice that can set your company/brand apart.

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